Muhammad Billal Ali

 “People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.” 

Content Creator

Since a very early age I was enthusiastic in experimenting and creating stuff. Found content creation to be something through which I can connect myself. I am a podcaster, a videographer, a blog writer and now most recently a film maker.


Life is all about perspective and story. A writer is not someone with fancy words or romantic expressions but with someone with a powerful story imprinted through his pencil. A storyteller trying to empower and put perspective through my words.


With the passion to provide hope and hunger through the masses with my words. I have been guiding people on issues like mental illness, purpose, positivity, emotional stability and relationships. A certified life coach at your service.

The Certain In Uncertain

Introducing my first ever published and available to buy book.



a podcast by millennial for millennial. featuring the perspective 


The Depressed Psychologist

Among the 26 ‘people’ I have worked with on a casual mostly Instagram one to one coaching, one of them was a clinical psychology student

The Distorted Pinky

So a few days ago, I was playing regular cricket with my neighborhood friends, and while bowling, I got hit by the ball trying to

My Mother’s Review

The cover is sometimes everything, here it’s the same, the title of the book is so catchy, really deep and philosophical which forces me to