Man On A Mission

 “People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”



With the passion to provide hope and hunger through the masses with my words. I have been guiding people on issues like mental illness, relationship advice and power of positivity

Content Maker

Since a very early age I was enthusiastic in creating things rather than making them happen. I am a Blogger, Video Maker, Thinker, Podcaster and a occasional Photographer.


Life is all about perspective. I am someone who invest a lot of time researching,thinking and dreaming about different possibilities. Actually mixing the spiritual life with the capitalist mind.

About The Website

With the moto of being the change I want to see. I dedicate this whole website to display my thoughts and ambitions, featuring content or product which may influence and motivate you on living your life to the fullest. 

featuring my thoughts.  

A shop coming real soon.

I love to hear, listen and help.



a podcast by millennial for millennial. featuring the perspective 

The new starting

Officially starting a new chapter in my life as a blogger, I will be, with the Will of Almighty writing and publishing minimum 3 blogs

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My first blog

This isn’t exactly my first blog, but my first blog on my own personal website. You getting the vibe here? Really excited to start another

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Feeling Down?

Need advice?  Have nobody to talk to?  Need a dose of Positivity?

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