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The cover is sometimes everything, here it’s the same, the title of the book is so catchy, really deep and philosophical which forces me to read the book and to know what could be “the certain in uncertain”. Even without reading the book my mind took me in various directions and encouraged a spirit of combating personal emotions in a direction that could help me manage uncertainty created by unexpectancy.

The book is written by a teenager which is one of its kind. The boy has a good grip on social subjects at a very young age. He is a Certified Life Coach, helping youth in understanding life and the worth of relationship and mindset in this materialistic world.

Book carries guiding principles of DESIGN THINKING & RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT with the flair of many interrelated subjects. Written in a very simple English, a lighter tone and language with a combination of slangs to engage the youth and to build their understanding on the subject. The book engages all ages and group levels and is helpful for everyone, if read with an open mind.
The writer emphasizes to stay away from Negative emotions and to cultivate the Positive one by feeding the positive only to help making the same life a paradise. The concept, always advised by WISE MEN from all eras.

The beauty of this book is the normal life examples, true expressions, simple yet mature. Indicates that the writer has good research on prevailing social issues, the mindset, the reaction and he has suggested some solutions from his own experiences. We should encourage the new writer by appreciating him on managing expressions and issues so well and in an understanding manner which can help both seniors and youth to tailor them according to some suggested guidelines.

The blend of modern science and spiritual inclination adds the uniqueness and beauty of the scripted document.
The writer needs to be a little more diverse and we expect that his next piece of art will surely cover that diversity.
The book is must read to understand how youth feels and to bridge the generation gaps also it would help the social scientist to understand how the youth can be engaged to carry along without heavy challenges. As well as massive inspiration and ideas for the youth to express on.”

Samera Shaikh (aka Ummy aka Mommy)
Human Resource and Management Guru



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