The Certain In Uncertain Book Introduction

2020 the year of uncertainty will bring Billal’s message to a larger audience than ever with the publication of The Certain In Uncertain the book, Billal draws deeply from ancient wisdom, modern social science, and his own rich experiences to articulate a journey similar to the one he took. He guides people step-by-step through the process of adapting to the certain mindset, first by letting go–a cleansing to make space for growth; then by growing–reshaping your life to make decisions with consciousness, purpose and confidence; and finally by giving–looking beyond yourself to deepen gratitude and relationships. He says,  “Certainty starts with control, control starts with consciousness and consciousness takes growth, when blended with purpose and become a lifestyle”  so the book is full of experiences, activities, and ideas.  Billal empowers the Idea of A Certain life.  

The book (The Certain In Uncertain) is based upon a idea which begins with consciousness and control. With it’s roots connecting to the traditional teachings of philosophy, stoicism, meditations, spirituality along with the icing of modern human behaviors, problems and mindset.

We live in one of the most uncertain times as a community, individually and as the whole human race. We live in a world where we are controlled by more strings than ever before. Whether it may be, Social media, our emotions, our relationships, or even our insecurities. In this book, I will be touching every aspect of our life directly and indirectly that controls us, and find answers in pursuit of finding consciousness in our lives. Through consciousness and control, we put forward the idea of a certain lifestyle. 

The book consists of 5 units and 10 chapters, that will help you understand the importance of consciousness and stability in life as well as help you identify the difference between a certain and uncertain mindset. Along with tips and tricks on how you can improve your life, performance and ultimately yourself. We all face trouble with emotional breakdowns, bad memories, depression, judgements (hate), discomfort, anxieties, disappointments, rejections, pains, hardships, failures relationships, parents, emotional instability, instability of mindset, instability within relationships, instability spiritually, lack of motivation, voice of reason etc. 

Written by Muhammad Billal Ali, a storyteller, digital creator, Podcaster and A certified life and purpose coach. 



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