The Distorted Pinky

So a few days ago, I was playing regular cricket with my neighborhood friends, and while bowling, I got hit by the ball trying to catch it. And I accidentally broke the little finger (pinky) of my hand. It was painful for a while, but after coming back home and seeing it all swelled up. I noticed a very strange, human behavior. Everything I could’ve done and I used to do with that finger, now wait on second, and Think about what the little finger can do? The human behaviors I observed were, after getting hurt even the smallest of tasks that I used to do with that finger or even with that hand, started haunting me in a way I felt regret and bad for what I did to myself and how I am missing out on things I used to do. Like scratching myself on the side of the nose. It made me realize a few things,

Firstly, I never felt how glad I am to have this finger from which I can scratch, but when I wasn’t able to do it. I felt pity for myself.
Secondly, even the smallest of things, in our surroundings provide us with meaning. But we overrule their importance because we are too consumed in this fantasy, we run after in our heads. We are all blessed to be able to contribute and bring value to existence. If only a person realizes how lucky he is to be born and fulfill the purpose of nature. We as humans are ungrateful. The first thing you my friend should start practicing is being grateful. Grateful for being alive, grateful for all the things going right in our lives. Gratitude is the best antidote to sadness, pain, and anxiety. And the repellent to your negativity.

-Muhammad Billal Ali

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