The Depressed Psychologist

Among the 26 ‘people’ I have worked with on a casual mostly Instagram one to one coaching, one of them was a clinical psychology student on her practice.

YES, A clinical psychologist. Just because someone has studied brains or someone knows about the complications of the neurobiological reactions does not mean, they are immune to emotions or immune to hardships or pains, negativity, or mental breakdowns.

A priest is not free from sins, understanding your desire and urge is completely a different thing from understanding a complicated human mind and reactions. There can be a lot of perspectives taken away from this short story, but the one I would highlight is,

Life is a constant battle against the obstacles and uncertainty from within and outside [email protected]

No course, title, degree, practice or even ritual can make a person free from it’s tendencies and vulnerabilities. From feelings to sins, as long as the person is alive they would have both good and bad, happy and sad feelings and actions. It’s very easy for us to give someone a title and as foolish of us to expect them to stay constant on that. 

As long as a person can inhale, they would have to fight the negative, struggle for the consent good. 

Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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