The Lust of Pain

Pain is like a drug, it’s addictive. It gives a weird reverse psychological pleasure to the mind and soul. It is like the nicotine of emotions, we know it’s bad but we have a weird guilty pleasure connected with it.

As a Life Coach and someone who is entrusted by people as they feel comfortable sharing themselves with me. One of the things I am most vigilant about is to not judge or assume their pain even if I have experienced a similar or even the same incidence in my life.

I am not here to pass judgments about anyone’s pain or suffering but look at it through this angle, how often we find ourselves vibing to a song to which we had a bad memory connected with?

This phenomenon can be found in psychology as well as basic biology on when the body or the mind gets addicted to the pain and prolong it unnecessarily, to take nothing more but pleasure from it. Can be called as Chronic Pain

On a bit practical perspective this is the practice which can cause depression, anxiety and immense stress.

Healing starts when you want you heal, not when you wait to heal.

Especially emotionally

Pain like every other state in life, a process of certain stages and time periods concerning each individual in its own way. But in life no pain or wound stays constant with time, most of it heals in exception it can get worse.

Pain does take time to heal, pain is the stillness and in most common ways the evolving stage of a human being, as I am not a medical doctor, I am not talking about physical pain. But the last stage to become immune to a bad memory or experience is Moving on.

But like how every smoker wants to quit smoking, every sad person “wants” to be ‘happy’, but life isn’t just about wishes or dreams you need to fight the will.

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