The Certain In Uncertain: Code To Consciousness

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“Not just a thought, a lifestyle
Not just a book, a journey”

Life can be very uncertain, with all the struggles, pain, and disturbance around. It can become really obnoxious and frustrating. The least, we want is some control. Especially, in a situation of global uncertainty due to the pandemic spread through coronavirus (covid-19) the book has nothing to do with the virus, just the perfect timing to address a internal pandemic and a issue we all have been facing for the longest, the issue of uncertainty. In this book, we talk about how to gain consciousness over our mindset, emotions, and relationships in order to have a peaceful and prosperous life. Understanding the science of uncertainty and how to stay certain while dealing with them While touching various aspects of life from spiritual to practical, the author puts forward the code of consciousness, in which he talks about how to achieve certainty with the resources we have, and why we are not able to achieve it. With the blend of spiritualism, philosophy, and growth mindset. The certain in uncertain is truly a one of its kind self-help and development book, which would surely inspire you to grow in life. The book is divided into six units, which further covers directly and indirectly all the major issues, we struggle with in our lives. From social media to relationships, from anxieties to fears. Why we get depressed, so often? Why do we want to be happy all the time? How to have a better relationship with everyone? How to be more productive? How to achieve mental peace? The difference between predestination and free-will, how to stop living a shit, how to stop dopamine addiction, how to stop overthinking, how to deal with online hate, what is the purpose, in conclusion how to become The Certain In Uncertain. 

Written by Muhammad Billal Ali. In the last year of his teenage, He is a great observer of life, behaviors and perspectives. A Content Creator, A Purpose Coach, A Speaker. Someone deeply influenced by the spiritual significance of life, officially Pakistan’s youngest self help author.

1 review for The Certain In Uncertain: Code To Consciousness

  1. Hafsa Mubarik

    This book deals with some of the important aspects of our lives like our mindsets, our inner self, and our spiritual relation with our soul. We human beings sometimes let our emotions and frustrations to take the control over us. And we become slaves of our emotions. Writer has dedicated a good portion of the book to teach us some amazing techniques with which we can gain emotional stability. As the title itself asserts that we can tackle uncertain situations in our lives by having a certain approach towards them.

    There was also a unit about social media toxicity and how we by adapting certain methods can prevent it. The book contains a fine blend of spiritualism and philosophy. It also talked about how we can maintain good relationship with our friends and parents. My favourite unit was “Introduction to Almighty”. I underlined so many beautiful things from that section.
    The narrative style is like someone is talking to you in person like two friends having a deep conversation with each other, which makes it fun to read.

    I honestly loved how writer proved his certain points with the reference of Quranic verses. This literally added to the beauty of book. Writer also has different approach towards some issue which kind of left me stunned and I was astonished that why we usually don’t think in this way. I will also try to adapt those techniques in my life as well.

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