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Muhammad Billal Ali

Muhammad Billal Ali born on 11, May 2001, also known as “iambillal” is a emerging content creator, podcaster, blogger, entrepreneur, storyteller. With being highly ambitious and visionary, he wants to not just anticipate but play his part in the development and growth of his community. And the start starts from inside, so he has spent a lot, like years in self awareness, esteem, development and spreading the message forward, and awaring people on the importance of balance, perspective and positivity in life. Along with the spiritual mystic side which helps evolve the vision entirely. 

Early life

As a child, I was super ambitious, hungry and actually innovative. Like every kid I was extremely imaginative, but i was more into making things rather than just dreaming about them. Always was highly impatient, I still remember, me competing with my brother who is 6 years elder than me, and failing miserably.  There were times, I used to sell lemonade in the warmest of summers, used to make puppets from socks and try to sell them, well i tried at least. I even did a few puppet shows, which my gardener really enjoyed. I still have my novel/reader type of book that I wrote when I was exactly 7. 


While writing this, I still have a good 18 months as a teenager. Not very proud of my newly teenage years, but no regrets as those years taught me lessons and experiences for the life time, they made me grow and conquer the hard way. From early teenage relationships, to failures in academic and professional life. Seen quite a few phases, of anxiety and depression. But Allahamdulilah, never let them get to me. Performed Pilgrimage at 16 helped me change the perspective and purpose as a young teenager.     

It's not about what you achieved, it's how you achieve it and what you lost in pursuit of achieving it.

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