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My intentions with writing “The Certain In Uncertain” are pretty basic, I wanted to write a quite comprehend yet easy to understand piece of content, that would help understand  and cater “uncertainty” wiser.  The book talks about how to gain consciousness over our mindset, emotions, and relationships in order to have a peaceful and prosperous life. While touching various aspects of life from spiritual to practical, I put forward the code of consciousness as I believe conscious control is the most essential resource, we have while facing uncertainty. Further why and how to take control in our lives and become Certain In Uncertain

So impressed on how the author addressed the issues regarding daily life problems, or as the author calls them “uncertainty”  with so diversity of perspectives and thoughts. Wish Billal all the best and success in coming future Insh’Allah

Yasmin Mogahed​

It’s astonishing to me how something can be so raw  yet so impactful. Enjoyed the friendly vibe of the manuscript which isn’t too expressive but quite mighty.

Elif Shafak

Love the passion through which the young man portray some really strong and universal ideas. Haven’t read such composed and diverse self-development book in a while.

Nigel Cumberland

Visual Aid

A visualize prototype of some of the ideas, topics and answers this relatively simple yet extremely strong manuscript possesses. “Nothing influences a man more than which it can see”-iambillal 

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